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This page includes File Setup and Output Information for Color and Black and White Digital Laser printing. Setup information for Large Format Printing is also available.

Printable Area
The printable area for color laser printing is listed below for each paper size. Note: bleeds are not possible to full page size. If you need page bleed, please design your artwork to be printed on larger paper and then trimmed - design within the actual printable area as follows:

Paper Size
Printable Area
8.5 inches x 11 inches 8 inches x 10.5 inches
11 inches x 17 inches 10.5 inches x 16.5 inches
12 inches x 18 inches 11.5 inches x 17.5 inches


(Photoshop users should set their image size to fit within one of the above sizes. We recommend a resolution of at least 150-200 dpi at exact size. Heath Press will not enlarge your Photoshop image to fill the intended paper size unless instructed to do so.)

Be consistent with placement of images and crop marks, specifically line weight, length and spacing. We can't properly complete your job in the bindery unless the layout is correct.

Always provide a laser printout as a "go-by". You should also include a "folding dummy" as a reference/bindery guide, if applicable.

File setup
Native files are required to produce output for most supported software. We support all major Mac and Windows software packages. It's always best to begin with one of our supported software templates.

More dDetailed tips for all services are available on this web page. We highly recommend you reference the appropriate section for the output you require before preparing your file to ensure proper output. Our support specialists will offer further guidance on setting up your files if needed.

File organization
We recommend your files be organized into folders as follows:

Output File(s) Support Graphics
Fonts Personal / Ignore (if needed)

This organizational setup will help ensure your job is output correctly, quickly and efficiently.
Send only the files needed to output your job.

Supported removable media

  • Zip
  • Jaz
  • CD

Making changes
Please don't make a change to an order in process. The job will be delayed. If you must make a change, call to confirm the change is possible and then fax those changes to (248) 288-5580, or email printdoctor@heathpress.com. (Always include your job number on any correspondence you send.) Any change must be in written form or it will not be made.

Font usage
To ensure font substitutions do not occur, Heath Pressrecommends you supply all fonts used in your document. We do support the standard laserwriter fonts in the Mac and Windows environments.

Mac users should supply both printer and screen (10 and 12 point size) font files for any PostScript font. PostScript fonts are generally more reliable than Truetype fonts. Truetype fonts have one font file, generally found in the system folder. Font files for every Truetype font used must be provided.

Any font with a city name (such as Geneva, New York, Monaco) should never be used. These are Macintosh system fonts and are not valid PostScript fonts. They will usually default to Courier.

Windows users should supply .pfm and .pfb font files for each font if PostScript, or .ttf files for Truetype fonts. PostScript fonts are generally stored on top of the hard drive in a directory named psfonts. Truetype fonts are usually stored in the windows/fonts directory.

Multiple master PostScript fonts require you also supply an .mmm and .pss file. Note: multiple master fonts have been discontinued, can be problematic, and should be tested.

Double-Sided Output
Precise front-to-back registration is not likely. The following checklist should help you design files that print well:
Do not design your pages too tightly so that imprecise centering of elements will not be as obvious.
Design with ample gutters for folded jobs to ensure text columns and graphics fit within the folded area.
Items placed too close to the edge may get cut off if you are trimming the pages after printing.
Print and approve one color laser print, especially for large orders, so you can verify proper positioning on your final product. Always include a dummy or "go-by" if we are providing finishing services.

Scan Guidelines
Scans for color lasers should be 150-200 dpi for best results. You should scan your images at the final size. Stretching/shrinking an image can cause pixel distortion and is not recommended. Save scans in CMYK to ensure color fidelity. Save as .eps or .tif for placement into your page layout software for the most dependable output.

Set color for any scanned files in the software they originate in, recoloring scans after importing them into your page layout software can cause unexpected results. (Special Note: We recommend .eps format for scans inserted into PowerPoint - .tif, .jpg and .pct can be problematic in PowerPoint.)

Placed Graphics*
Images should be saved in TIFF or EPS format (don't use DCS format or save images with screen angles or transfer functions applied). Scanned images should be 300 dpi at 100% scale.

Work entirely in CMYK mode. Never use RGB! The RIPs will automatically convert spot and PMS colors to 4-color tints, but the results are often undesirable. Avoid unexpected results by designing in CMYK only.

Crop Marks
Use a 0.25 pt black line for crop marks.

Do not exceed 1/16 inch on each side for bleeds. Anything you want to print to the edge of the paper must be set up to bleed.

We offer trimming, scoring, folding, die cutting, perforating, comb, spiral, tape, pad or perfect bind booklet-making as finishing options for our color laser and offset press printing services. Your file must include crop marks if trimming is required and a folding dummy must be supplied as a "go-by" if applicable.

Paper Stocks
We offer a variety of paper stocks for color lasers. We do not accept any special papers for color laser printing.

Single-sided orders are run on 28 lb. text and double-sided orders are run on 32 lb. text, unless you specify otherwise on your order form. Get a Price Quote for any of the paper stocks we offer for color laser prints.

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