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For Large Format Printing Guidelines for Digital printing also available

File Setup and Page Size Settings
Send your files in their native format from any supported software. You should design at no less than 25% of the final image size, with 100-150 dpi of information at final print size for raster-based images. (View special software requirements at right)

For example: A 24x36 poster could either be designed on a page size of:
(a) 24x36 at 150 dpi,
(b) 12x18 at 300 dpi, or
(c) 8x12 at 450 dpi

A complete Poster Order Form is required with any order. A proof must be supplied as a "go by." (We cannot verify output without a laser proof.)

Color Guidelines
We can print from either CMYK or RGB image files. However, we recommend supplying CMYK files for optimal output.

NOTE: To avoid banding in filled areas of black, define black as follows:
C=10 M=10 Y=10 K=100 (never define text as 4-color black unless > 24 pt.)

Scanning Guidelines - View tips for determining scan resolution
Your scans should contain 100-150 dpi of information at final printed size. Save as .eps or .tif for placement into your software for the most dependable output. Set color for any scanned files in the software they originate in, recoloring scans in your presentation software can cause unexpected results. Stretching/shrinking an image can cause pixel distortion and is not recommended.

Poster Test Strip
We highly recommend you plan the time to proof and approve a color sample before printing your poster. Design a file sized 8"x20" that is representative of your final poster. We will output this test strip at our $15 minimum billing rate. Allow 24-48 hours in-house to print your sample, and the additional time for shipping.

When placing your poster order, type "$15 poster test strip requested first" in the special instructions section of the order form. (Remember to factor the additional turn time to receive/approve the proof when choosing your order due dates. Your final poster will not be printed until you call us to approve your test strip.)

Poster Paper Output Choices

Backlit Film
Clear Film
Adhesive Vinyl
Scrim Vinyl
Artist Canvas
Canvas Banner
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