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Sending PDF files (preferred format) for full-color printing at Heath Press:

Heath Press uses a PDF workflow, which means that the best way to insure that your job prints as it was created is to supply us with a "PressReady" PDF. For a listing of all supported file formats and for general file setup help please visit our general file setup page.

a) Compatibility: Acrobat 4.0 (PDF 1.3)
b) Optimize For Fast Web View: Deselect
c) Embed Thumbnails: Deselect
d) Auto-Rotate Pages: Deselect
e) Binding: Left
f) Resolution: 2400 dpi
g) Default Page Size - 11 X 17 (inches)
a) Color Bitmap Images: No Downsampling or Subsampling
b) Compression: ZIP
c) Quality: 8-bit
d) Grayscale Bitmap Images: No Downsampling or Subsampling
e) Compression: ZIP
f) Quality: 8-bit
g) Monochrome Bitmap Images: No Downsampling or Subsampling
h) Compression: ZIP
i) Compress Text and Line Art: Select
a) Embed All Fonts: Select
b) Subset All Embedded Fonts Below: 100%
c) When Embedding Fails: Cancel Job
d) Embedding: Base 14 Fonts
a) Settings File: Color Management Off
b) Color Management Policies: Leave Color Unchanged
c) Intent: Default
d) Working Spaces
Gray: None selected
RGB: None selected
CMYK: None selected
e) Preserve Overprint Settings: Select
f) Preserve Under Color Removal and Black Generation: Deselect
g) Transfer Functions: Remove
h) Preserve Halftone Information: Deselect
a) Use Prologue.ps and Epilogue.ps: Deselect
b) Allow PostScript Files to Override Job Options: Deselect
c) Preserve Level 2 copypage Semantics: Select
d) Save Portable Job TIcket Inside PDF File: Deselect
e) Illustrator Overprint Mode: Select
f) Convert Gradents to Smooth Shades: Select
g) Document Structuring Conventions (DSC)
Process DSC: Select
Resize Page and Center Artwork for EPS Files: Deselect
Preserve EPS Info from DSC: Select
Preserve OPI Comments: Deselect
Preserve Document Info from DSC: Select
h) Click Save As...
Save Job Options as: TulipPrinting.joboptions
i) Click Save

Make sure that the PostScript file you use to create the PDF includes 1/8" bleed! (open and check for this in Acrobat... you will see the page size in the lower left hand corner, it should equal the trim size plus .25" on each dimension).

If you do not have the Distiller application or some other way of creating PDFs, you can send us an EPS file from any of the supported applications (see the individual Application sections), just follow the instructions for how to create the EPS file. As a last resort, you can also supply us with application files and all required fonts and links, but this will incur some charges for desktop time.









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