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Preparing Freehand 8,9,10 files for full-color printing at Heath Press:

Heath Press accepts Freehand files that have been saved into the Freehand EPS format. The following instructions show how this is accomplished. For a listing of all supported file formats and for general file setup help please visit our Setup Guidelines page.

Creating / Saving Freehand EPS File:

Convert all fonts to paths (first make sure all layers and objects are visible and unlocked).
Convert all spot colors to process. Process colors will appear italicized in the colors tab. To convert a spot color to process, select it in the colors tab, and use the "Options" pull-down command in the palette to "Make Process."
Make sure you add .125" bleed and set printer resolution to 2540 in the Document Inspector palette.
Please make sure to either embed all images in the "links" section, or include them when you are sending the file.
The are several effect functions and capabilities within FreeHand that can cause printing problems, especially with regard to colorized bitmap images and complicated pattern fills. We recommend that you try opening your FreeHand EPS in Illustrator or making a PDF of it to check for potential printing problems. If either of these applications have trouble interpreting your file, chances are our RIP will as well, and we may have to perform additional work.
Export final files as "Macintosh EPS," Convert Colors to CMYK.
You can make a PDF from this FreeHand EPS file using the Distiller settings outlined on the acrobat page.


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