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Preparing Photoshop TIF, EPS, DCS or JPEG files for full-color printing at Heath Press:

Heath Press accepts Photoshop files that have been saved into TIF, EPS, DCS or JPEG format. The following instructions show how this is accomplished. For a listing of all supported file formats and for general file setup help please visit our Setup Guidelines page.

This information is relevant if you are building your entire layout in Photoshop - for all general concerns regarding images, please see the General File Preparation page.

Keep in mind that smaller text may appear slightly "fuzzy." If your design uses small text (18 pt and below), it is recommended that you build your file in a graphics or page layout program and then send us a PDF or EPS (see above) or save out an EPS from Photoshop that includes "Vector Data" (see below).
Build files at least 300 dpi (400 dpi is preferable) at 100% of output size, and in the cmyk colorspace.
Formats accepted: TIF, EPS, JPEG (set compression at highest quality level), DCS.
Turn off any clipping paths, remove any extra channels.
If saving as EPS, make sure that preview is set to Macintosh or TIFF, 8-bits /pixel, and Encoding is set to Binary

Hint: You can "Save a Copy..." as an EPS out of a Photoshop layered file and check "Include Vector Data" to maintain crisp text from a Photoshop file (see below). This works only in version 6 or higher and the type layer must not be rasterized. If you send us a Photoshop EPS that contains vector data, please also include the layered file that it was generated from. After the correct settings have been applied in the "Color" and "Features" sections, return to the "Options" section and save your file as EPS.







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