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Preparing Pagemaker (exported PDF) files for full-color printing at Heath Press:

Heath Press accepts Adobe Pagemaker files that have been saved into EPS format or exported into PDF format. The following instructions show how this is accomplished. For a listing of all supported file formats and for general file setup help please visit our Setup Guidelines page.

Creating / Saving Pagemaker Files:

Be sure to add 1/8" bleed where artwork goes to the edge of the page. If images go to the edge of the page, make sure there is extra image area to compensate for the bleed (you may have to clone this in Photoshop).
Edit any spot or RGB colors and convert them to Process, cmyk.
All placed images should adhere to the "General Guidelines for Image Files" at the top of this section.
Do not save placed graphics within the PageMaker document. Instead they should be sent along as links (PageMaker will ask you when you place images if you want to "Include a complete copy" within the publication, to which you should always answer "No").
You can easily create PDFs from PageMaker files using the Export as PDF command under the File menu. You will need the Distiller application, part of the Adobe Acrobat software suite. You will need to build your page at its trim size, plus .25" on each dimension to accommodate for bleed (i.e, if your printed page is going to be 8.5 x 11, your page setup in PageMaker should be 8.75 x 11.25). Use the following settings (for all windows not shown, leave the default settings in place):

You can also export your PageMaker file as an EPS, which can then be opened in Illustrator or converted to PDF using the Distiller settings outlined on the acrobat page. To export as EPS from PageMaker, use the "Print" command and the following settings: Next, click on the "Export" button, choose the final output destination, and Save as PDF (the Distiller application will launch automatically). Page size should be trim size plus .25" on each dimension. Note: Make sure to apply the correct settings in the "Color" and "Features" sections before you save the EPS file.





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