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Preparing Quark EPS files for full-color printing at Heath Press:

Heath Press accepts QuarkXPress files that have been saved into the QuarkEPS format, or exported to PDF format. The following instructions show how this is accomplished. For a listing of all supported file formats and for general file setup help please visit our Setup Guidelines page.

Be sure to add 1/8" bleed where artwork goes to the edge of the page. If images go to the edge of the page, make sure there is extra image area to compensate for the bleed. Go to the Edit Colors command, and delete all unused colors. Set all Spot colors to process. Convert RGB colors to cmyk.
Please make sure to either embed all images or include them when you are sending the file. Place 1/8" tick marks in the bleed area of the page to indicate perforations or folds.

We prefer to receive PDF files. But we can also accept EPS files. If you wish to create an EPS file from Quark, follow these steps:

1. "Save Page as EPS" (be sure to include .125" bleed and all linked images/graphics, see Figure 1)

2. Open the EPS file in Illustrator. Then follow the guidelines shown in "Illustrator Guidelines" section. Check the Illustrator file carefully, as fonts will occasionally run into problems with this method.


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